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The perfect platform for selling off-the-plan

DisplaySweet is creating the first modern primary real estate platform, combining industry-leading technology with the consumer experience of a luxury real estate brand.

The outcome is an inspiring sales journey, personalised to buyers, providing a superior experience when purchasing off-the-plan.

Since launching in 2014, in Melbourne, Australia, DisplaySweet has grown to become the country's most-used off-the-plan presentation tool and is now used by developers across the globe.

Our objective is to create the perfect platform for buying and selling new property, making it more understandable and accessible to help buyers find the perfect place to live anywhere in the world.

The Leadership Team

DisplaySweet is led by experienced innovators with a proven track record across property and technology.

John Paige


John has over 12 years' property experience and prior to founding DisplaySweet was Marketing Manager at Caydon Property Group. John is an Advisor on consumer strategy and project marketing strategies to many of Australia's leading property developers. John leads the company vision and growth strategy for DisplaySweet.

Steven Mieszelewicz


Steven has over 23 years' technology and innovation experience. Prior to DisplaySweet, Steven founded Eness, a multi-award winning interactive creative agency creating software for Disney, ESPN, Cirque de Soleil, Louis Vuitton and many more leading global companies. Steven manages the product vision and innovation strategy for DisplaySweet.

Our Team

Experts in PropTech, we're a passionate team comprising professionals spanning real estate, property development, architecture, graphic and digital design, animation, 3D rendering, audiovisual and engineering.

Aryo Kresnadi Project Manager
Ana Yeung Designer
David Vu Studio Manager
Derek Wang Software Engineer

Debbie Leung Software Engineer
Diksha Gupta Data Administrator
Fenil Patel Systems Engineer
Hao Li Software Engineer
James Heazlewood Senior Software Engineer
Jasper Software Developer
Kashish Sinduria QA Engineer
Laxman Nagtilak Senior Software Developer
Marcus Skeggs Account Manager
Mark Kuo Software Engineer
Matthew Chang Software Engineer
Mohsin Jamadar Senior Software Engineer
Pierce O'Brien Senior Product Designer
Robin West Senior Software Engineer
Shruthi Ashwathappa Software Engineer
Wesley Liew Technical Engineer

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