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"Working with DisplaySweet on our 600 Collins project has been fantastic from day one. Their team has been incredibly supportive and always ready to help, which made the transition from our previous showroom tech partner so easy and stress-free.”

– Amy Bryant, Director – Asset Management & Leasing, Hines

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Hines’ 600 Collins combines modern sustainability, exceptional amenities, and a focus on wellness and tenant experience. This 670,000-square-foot premium office tower will not only transform Melbourne’s skyline with its articulated curved façade, but also set benchmarks in accessibility and technological integration in commercial real estate.

Having kicked off their sales campaign with an alternative tech partner for their showroom, Hines quickly realized they required a presentation experience with a more refined touch. They were looking for software that would allow their team to present 600 Collins in its best light - keeping presentations streamlined, flexible and entirely focused on 600 Collins. This led them to DisplaySweet to ensure a smoother, faster, and more immersive presentation experience that could effectively convey the sophistication of 600 Collins beyond the traditional sales collateral.


  • Implement cutting-edge presentation software to enhance the speed and quality of client interactions.
  • Showcase the architectural and locational excellence of 600 Collins through high-spec 3D models.
  • Provide a professional and intimate presentation environment that reflects the premium nature of the development.


Leveraging  Display Presenter as their advanced presentation platform, Hines was able to streamline the user experience, offering unparalleled ease and flexibility. With just a click, agents can navigate from a macro overview of Melbourne’s CBD to the micro details of individual office spaces and layouts, all through an intuitive iPad interface. 

To ensure seamless integration across all tech, the 600 Collins showroom is effortlessly powered by Display Connect—custom-built software that single-handedly connects all showroom technology into one streamlined experience. This setup allows for a fluid, controlled presentation that keeps everything accessible and maintains the high-end aesthetic expected by potential clients.


A key feature of the 600 Collins sales gallery was the advanced digital 3D model. There were three key stand out features:

  1. Strategic focus on the project: Stepping away from standard maps or 3D surrounds, Hines’ opted for their project to be showcased against simplified ghost buildings which allowed them to truly emphasizes 600 Collins in detail amidst the busy Melbourne CBD skyline. This visualization strategy highlights the tower’s prime location and connectivity, helping clients appreciate its prestigious positioning in the city’s commercial heart.
  2. Realistic architectural details: The 3D model brings the building to life with meticulous attention to detail and hyper realistic lighting effects that enhance realism. These showstopping visuals are powered by a robust 3D engine that integrates seamlessly with the DisplaySweet sales apps both in the showroom and remotely, ensuring a smooth and engaging presentation experience.
  3. Interactive exploration features: The high-definition 3D model includes interactive elements that allow prospective clients to explore different aspects of the building. Users can zoom in on level stacks and specific floors to view layout options, material finishes, and potential office setups, making the virtual tour a comprehensive and tangible experience.


The ability to operate presentations from an all-in-one platform simplifies the user customer journey, shifting away from the alternative with multiple disjointed systems. Connecting the Display Model Integration, the Display Presenter iPad app allowed for more interactive and client-focused discussions, where features, level stacks, and individual floors on the building could be highlighted in real-time, enhancing understanding and appeal.

"The setup was smooth, and the end-to-end support we received throughout the process has been outstanding. It's only the beginning, but their technology has already made our presentations so much more streamlined and simplified the process! The full suite of support has truly made a difference, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome."

– Amy Bryant, Director – Asset Management & Leasing, Hines

The partnership between Hines and DisplaySweet at 600 Collins highlights the power of innovative presentation technology in overcoming the unique challenges of commercial real estate marketing. By adopting a forward-thinking approach to tenant engagement, Hines is setting new standards for commercial presentations in the industry.

Discover how DisplaySweet can transform your project’s presentation and customer engagement. Contact our sales team to learn more about our tailored solutions that can bring your vision to life.

We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung peoples, the traditional owners of the land.

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