AURA by Aqualand

Aqualand's AURA project, located in the heart of North Sydney, is an ambitious development that brings together 386 luxury residences. Aqualand partnered with DisplaySweet to evolve their showroom technology through three transformative phases, setting best-in-class standards for interactive real estate experiences in Australia.

project details
CRM Integration
3D Building
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Development Architecture by Woods Bagot

Renders by Binyan Studios

Development Interior Design by Richards and Stanisich

Landscape Architecture by Turf Design

Brand & Creative by The Property Agency

Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

The phased evolution of the AURA showroom has proven highly successful, with Aqualand achieving $100million in sales in February 2024. This remarkable achievement was further highlighted by AURA becoming a finalist in the Urban Developer Awards for Excellence, recognising its innovative approach to showroom design and technology integration.


– Establish a new benchmark for interactive showroom experiences.
– Create a multifunctional space adaptable for daily operations, events, and large-scale launches.
– Redefine property sales by leading with innovative partners and cutting-edge technology solutions.


The initial configuration of the AURA showroom included a combination of DisplaySweet tech, including the showstopping Display Immersion Room captivating customers by integrating panoramic views from the apartments to allow them to imagine what life would be like living in each apartment. 

This phase focused on delivering an initial wow factor, combining visual appeal with interactive digital tools to engage customers deeply. Initial feedback highlighted the tech's effectiveness in capturing customers' imaginations, prompting the first evolution of the showroom to address more specific customer interaction needs.


Responding to customer feedback and the initial success, Aqualand expanded the showroom’s capabilities by introducing the Display Masterplan to show a detailed strategic and growth plans for the surrounding area and key points of interest. This was the first Display Masterplan of its kind for any apartment development,  it saw a significant increase in engagement, allowing customers to explore and understand the surroundings of North Sydney more thoroughly and highlighting the accessibility to Greater Sydney–easily and interactively..


With physical apartments ready to view, Aqualand relocated the showroom to offer complimentary customer experiences. This allowed the team to show the quality, amenity and lifestyle options including views from the residences, which significantly enriched the customer journey and decision-making process.

“Working with DisplaySweet has revolutionised our approach to selling off-the-plan apartments for our AURA by Aqualand project. Their technology allowed us to set new benchmarks in immersive showroom experiences and bring the project to life by turning a vision into reality for potential customers. We were able to showcase real-level views from each apartment across all technology including on our 8.5 metre LED wall, which helped customers visualise themselves in their future homes. This immersive approach significantly elevated our marketing and boosted customer confidence and interest.
The integration of DisplaySweet’s advanced technology in our showrooms has also played a crucial role in educating customers about the growth and lifestyle of North Sydney. Display Masterplan effectively communicated the strategic vision and the area's transformation.”

Ann Duong - Project Marketing Manager, Aqualand

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We pay our respects to The Cammeraygal people, the traditional owners of this land.

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