Norwest Quarter by Mulpha

Norwest Quarter is a bold, mixed-use masterplan situated within Norwest in Sydney’s Northwest, by property experts Mulpha.

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creative team

Architecture by Bates Smart and Smart Design Studio

Urban Design by TERROIR with Bates Smart, Smart Design Studio, Aspect Studios

Model by Make Models

Landscape Architecture by Aspect Studios

Showroom Interior Design by TERROIR

Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

Norwest Quarter’s nine unique towers showcase cutting-edge architectural design, which will be built in contrasting heights and shapes, which boast scenic landscaping and impressive amenities.

The challenge for Mulpha was that they wanted a better way to present the fact that Norwest offers residents so much more than just being a business park, and that it can be an affordable place to both live and work. A way of doing this was by utilising the DS-Interactive Masterplan, to showcase what amenities are nearby and what’s to come in the area, like future schools and a metro line.

The Norwest Quarter showroom made great use of DisplaySweet’s technology, and as you walk into the display, buyers are met with an impressive open-plan area where they can watch the brand film on two TV’s situated near the impressive DS-Immersion Wall, on which they can view sales aids like full scale floor plans.

The showroom also included the DS-Live app which was integrated with their impressive architectural model, where buyers could compare floor plans and plates which lit up on the model in front of them, as well as view CGI’s for apartments across both buildings, and see views from all levels. The impressive DS-Touch Screen was a great way of showing buyers all the nearby amenities on offer like education and shopping.


“Upgrading our sales and experience centre from traditional printed collateral and signage to a tech-led fit out was a no-brainer. Not only does it give us the ease and flexibility to update content without incurring unavoidable print costs, it also projects a more forward-thinking impression to our customers which leaves them feeling better informed about our projects and product, and confident to continue the sales process.”

Lisa Smith, Marketing & Customer Experience Manager - Mulpha International

Discover how DisplaySweet can transform your sales process with cutting-edge technology. Contact us to explore our innovative solutions used in the Norwest Quarter showroom, and envision the potential for your own developments.

We pay our respects to the Dharug people, the traditional owners of this land.

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