Seafarers by Riverlee

Nestled in Melbourne's dynamic waterfront, the Seafarers project by Riverlee is revolutionising the way we experience multi-use developments. The development introduces Australia's first eco-luxury 1 Hotel, part of the global investment firm Starwood Capital Group, alongside 114 exclusive residences, an 800 person conference centre, and more than 3000sqm of public spaces.

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creative team

Display Interior Design by Carr

Project Marketing by Colliers International

Brand & Creative by Multiple Studio

Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

Facing the challenge of presenting this diverse offering, Riverlee partnered with DisplaySweet to make sure their story was told with clarity and sophistication, capturing the imagination of their customers.


  • Effectively communicate the Seafarers development's diverse amenities and eco-luxury lifestyle.
  • Provide a flexible platform for easy updates and real-time status changes.
  • Showcase the uniqueness of Australia’s first international hotel-branded residences.


To match Seafarers’ reputation as the epitome of eco-luxury living in Australia, Riverlee used detailed 3D renders and interactive 360 hotspots to full engage customers at every digital touchpoint throughout the Display Presenter app. This custom-built platform enabled customers to explore the development in exquisite detail, from its premier location to the sustainable elegance of the residences. By offering a deep dive into the project's unique features and panoramic views, customers were able to vividly envision their future at Seafarers, significantly boosting engagement and desire for the eco-luxury lifestyle promised.


Faced with the task of presenting Seafarers' rich mix of eco-conscious design, luxury residences, and community spaces, Riverlee was able to connect the custom-built sales app to the Display TV to seamlessly tell the development's story. This addressed the challenge of weaving together the project's many elements while providing a visually engaging platform for agents to guide customers through the Seafarers experience, enhancing their connection to the development and elevating the perceived value of the eco-luxury lifestyle.


Recognising the need for a dynamic presentation tool that could evolve with the project, Riverlee adopted the DisplaySweet platform for its robust and flexible content management system. This meant they could easily update and navigate between new content and floor plan updates new content and floor plan updates, ensuring all presentations were consistently accurate and engaging. The ability to easily refresh content underscored Riverlee’s dedication to transparency and accuracy, reinforcing customer trust and interest in the Seafarers development.

Through strategic collaboration with DisplaySweet, Riverlee redefined how luxury and sustainability are showcased in real estate, captured customers’ imaginations and set a benchmark for future developments.

Contact our sales team to discover how DisplaySweet can transform your project presentations. Engage your customers with the art of storytelling, powered by the latest in presentation technology.

We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional owners of the land.

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