Salesforce Tower (180 George) by Lendlease

The Salesforce Tower, Sydney's tallest office building overlooking the iconic Circular Quay, is a game-changer in commercial real estate. Developed by Lendlease, with global partners Ping An Real Estate and Mitsubishi Estate Asia, this landmark project was masterfully designed by leading firm Foster + Partners. A testament to innovation redefining the city's skyline, the Salesforce Tower showcases the joint venture's expertise in delivering world-class commercial projects.

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Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

Partnering with DisplaySweet, Lendlease was looking to match the development's impressive project lineup and implement a sales tool to make their customer presentations stand out – using innovative tech to deliver more impactful, professional client presentations. The goal was to reflect the property’s premium value accurately, attracting some of the world’s global leaders, including its anchor tenants; Salesforce. 

The project's success is in the numbers: The Salesforce Tower achieved the highest price per square meter ever leased in the area, proving the direct impact of premium presentations on commercial success.

  • Elevate presentation standards to reflect the tower’s premium market positioning.
  • Allow agents and brokers to deliver dynamic presentations directly on the unfinished site.
  • Offer a detailed visualisation of the building’s structure and panoramic views from each floor.

Addressing the need for more polished presentations, Lendlease used the Display Presenter app to present effortlessly to large flatscreen TVs – transforming how marketing materials were shown. By integrating 3D 360 hotspots right into the building's floorplans, clients got a crystal-clear picture of what their office spaces would look like. This upgrade in presenting detailed views and layouts not only refined the quality of leasing presentations but also enhanced the convenience of sharing detailed project insights.


With the construction of the Salesforce Tower still underway, agents needed to keep the presentations rolling outside the showroom. Display Presenter’s remote capabilities allowed for uninterrupted, dynamic presentations directly on-site, meaning clients could truly grasp the scale and ambition of the project, connecting the tangible progress of construction with the future vision of their workspace. . This adaptability showed the effectiveness of mobile presentation tools, proving essential for engaging clients right at the heart of the construction activity.


Situated in an exceptional location, Salesforce Tower needed a presentation tool that could fully showcase the scope of its opportunity, from breathtaking views and intricate quality details to its iconic location, all designed to powerfully influence client decision-making. The solution included a detailed 3D building render, set against a clear map of the surrounding area, enhanced with 360 hotspots strategically placed within the floor plans. This enabled clients to explore from the macro perspective of the tower's locale down to the micro details of individual spaces, offering a journey through the project with unmatched clarity and depth.

Lendlease’s partnership with DisplaySweet for the Salesforce Tower (180 George) not only raised the bar for commercial presentations but also established a new record for leasing rates in Sydney.

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We pay respects to the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land.

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