Louise by Samuel Property

Louise by Samuel Property is a collection of brand new 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom residences overlooking Albert Park Lake in Melbourne.

project details
3D Building
CRM Integration
creative team

Project Marketing by Blair Property

Creative by Studio White Noise

Renders by Flood

Architecture by Cera Stribley

Landscape Architecture by Acre

Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

Designed by Cera Stribley, Louise evokes a sense of place, a tower inspired by its surrounding heritage and contemporary buildings. Its biophilic design brings residents a place that considers the wellbeing of its occupants and visitors.

The challenge for Samuel Property was that the showroom space was in the heart of a busy area, and as such there was not a large amount of room for a full display apartment or model. To combat this, the team cleverly utilised DisplaySweet’s technology in lieu of a physical architectural model, which would have required a large amount of space, and they also included a coffee shop at the front, so the space was multi-functional.

The Louise showroom made well thought-out use of the Display Presenter app to TV integration, including using a 3D-building to where buyers could browse the architectural model, highlight amenities, view prices, layouts and the interactive location map. Buyers could also watch the project video on several display TV’s, giving the showroom great appeal from the street with a double-sided TV.

We pay our respects to the Kulin people, the traditional owners of this land.

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