The Halston by Piety Group

Comprising 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, the architecture at The Halston is characterised by an exquisite connectivity to the surroundings whilst providing a carefully considered approach to luxury living in a fast changing world.

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Project Sales & Marketing by Laver Residential Projects

Architecture by Jackson Teece and Fuse Architecture

Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

Visionary builder/developer Piety Group have collaborated with Fuse Architects and Jackson Teece to bring this unique vision to life using sustainable design principles.The development, being sold by Laver Residential Projects, is the result of a palette of the finest contemporary finishes, with tremendous transport options to a cosmopolitan culinary culture and green open spaces at your front door.

Sam Elbanna, Project Director at Laver, said the technology used has proven to be invaluable.“We’ve relied on this innovative technology, particularly the Immersion Wall, to wow buyers as they enter the showroom. Proptech has become an invaluable part of the sales process.”The state-of-the-art showroom featured DisplaySweet’s technology including an architectural model with integrated lighting,, the Display Presenter app, Presentation TV’s and an Immersion Wall, where buyers could view the floor plans, CGI’s, location map, video and more in an impactful setting within their showroom in North Strathfield.


:“From the moment we engaged DisplaySweet, the service that was provided was second to none. Navigating through a challenging time with manufacturing and production, the team did not miss any deadlines and delivered an incredible product in time for our launch. They were accommodating when things changed on site, which is common when relying on construction timelines, and there were never any issues when we made last minute changes. We are so happy with the products received from the team and excited to go to market with the latest technology that has been provided. We would happily use the service again and look forward to doing so for our future projects.”

Amanda Panetta, Head of Marketing - Piety Group

Discover how DisplaySweet can transform your sales process with cutting-edge technology. Contact us to explore our innovative solutions used in The Halston showroom, and envision the potential for your own developments.

We pay our respects to the Wangal clan of the Darug tribe, the traditional owners of this land.

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