Trielle by Mirvac

Trielle, tucked away at Yarra’s Edge in Melbourne, is all about top-tier luxury living with its 191 stunning apartments. The project caught the spotlight with its showroom feature in Vogue Living, a moment that highlighted Trielle’s design excellence and confirmed its status as a pinnacle of luxury living.

project details
3D Building
creative team

Creative by Playground

Renders by Flood Studio

Architechture by Mirvac Design

Interior Design by Mirvac Design

Landscape Design by RPS

Model by Modelcraft

Sales Technology by DisplaySweet

Mirvac teamed up with DisplaySweet to redefine the luxury sales experience by offering superior presentation quality to their buyers.


– Keep sales teams synced with real-time updates
– Engage buyers remotely with cutting-edge visuals
– Elevate the sales experience beyond expectations


Staying informed with the latest updates was crucial, whether sales team members were in Melbourne or on the other side of the globe. With Display Presenter, property statuses and prices were updated instantly. This approach not only kept their team in perfect sync but also made sure potential buyers got the most current information, streamlining the sales process and making it as smooth and reliable as possible.


With high interest in the property and a global customer list, Trielle needed to match their digital customer experiences to their physical ones. The challenge was addressed by leveraging Display Presenter's remote capabilities, which supported detailed 3D maps and building renders, enabling an exceptional digital sales experience. This digital innovation made remote viewers feel a part of the property, immersing them in the luxury of Trielle from the comfort of their homes.


The excitement surrounding Trielle called for a presentation that lived up to the hype. DisplaySweet responded with an interactive 3D model of the building that, with a simple click, revealed the details of available apartments in stunning clarity. This not only impressed buyers but also streamlined the sales process, ensuring a presentation experience that was both informative and unforgettable.

Interested in transforming your project’s sales experience with DisplaySweet? Contact us to discover how we can bring your vision to life.

We pay our respects to the Bunurong and Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin nation, the traditional owners of the land.

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