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Lendlease's Yarrabilba project is a leading example for master-planned communities, offering a vast selection of lots and stages. Lendlease collaborated with DisplaySweet to transform how their properties were showcased to customers, needing an experience that was immersive, informative, and seamlessly up-to-date.

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The challenge was presenting this large-scale development in a way that was both comprehensive and easy to navigate, ensuring all information was cohesive, and the vast array of options was accessible and engaging for potential customers.

The development received recognition for its marketing at the 2023 UDIA Queensland Awards for Excellence, showcasing the effectiveness of their showroom in engaging potential buyers.


– Streamline complex community details into an easy-to-navigate format for customers.
– Provide immersive and self-guided exploration tools for personalised customer experiences.
– Maintain real-time accuracy of property information to build trust and reliability.


Due to the scale of this project, Lendlease looked to simplify complex community details to make it easy for customers to find relevant property options. DisplaySweet addressed these needs with the Display Presenter app, providing an intuitive platform to explore the community’s master plan, amenities, and local area. The interactive maps within Display Presenter further enabled a personalised exploration experience, allowing users to delve into specifics from a broad overview down to individual lot details.


Yarrabilba sought to not only inform but also captivate potential customers, requiring tools that could offer an immersive view of the community's future. Additionally, there was a need to cater to customers preferring to explore details independently before speaking with agents. DisplaySweet’s innovative use of an LED wall and interactive touchscreens transformed how Yarrabilba was presented, offering panoramic views and detailed lot explorations. This setup provided customers with a self-guided yet comprehensive discovery journey, allowing them to visualise their life in Yarrabilba at their own pace and on their own terms.


With Yarrabilba’s scale and evolving nature, maintaining the latest information and presenting it as the single source of truth was crucial. The seamless synchronisation between the Display Presenter app and the Display Portal ensured all property details, pricing, and availability were accurate, with any changes instantly updating. This reliability built trust between customers and Lendlease, reinforcing the integrity of the buying experience.

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We pay our respects to the Yugambeh people, the traditional owners of the land.

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