Know the price, understand the value

One of the most common questions we get asked at DisplaySweet is how much does it cost? In fact sometimes people don’t ask, they assume the software is something their budget won’t allow for. But that’s where we enjoy proving people wrong.

Just as no one development is the same, there’s not a single out-of-the-box DisplaySweet solution. If you have a smartphone or an iPad you have the basic tools to run our sales software.

Since 2014 we’ve helped developers to successfully bring dozens of projects to market, in fact today one in seven new developments on the market in Australia use DisplaySweet technology for sales and marketing.

We’re property people so we understand the nuances and differences behind each development including size of sales teams, the scope of each project, buyer demographic and with that marketing budgets and needs.

LK Property Group’s $800million Capitol Grand in South Yarra for example isn’t the same as Volume Projects, luxurious 10-apartment Island House sales centre on Bridge Road in Richmond. 

Yet both projects use DisplaySweet to beautifully showcase their residences to buyers. 

Consultation and product recommendations are inclusive of the DisplaySweet process and essential to ensuring sales success, no matter what your budget or project scale. To ask us how much DisplaySweet costs for your project, get in touch.