Meet DisplaySweet, PropTech’s Premier Trailblazers

For decades, the project marketing industry has been crying out for innovative solutions and new ways of selling and leasing property off-the-plan.

Used by some of Australia’s leading property companies like SPG Land, Aqualand, Lendlease, Stockland, Meriton, Mirvac, Frasers Property, GURNER™, CBRE Residential Projects and many more to maximise their sales and leading results.

The challenge for developers and agencies alike has been selling and leasing properties that aren’t physically there, with nothing tangible to show customers outside of a floor plan and some CGI’s.

Enter DisplaySweet. Co-CEO’s John Paige and Steven Mieszelewicz founded the business in 2016 after seeing there was a noticeable gap in the market.

Both have pulled on their extensive experience, John with over 14 years’ property experience and Steven’s 25 years’ technology experience.

Australian property developers have taken the move to largely digital-based interactions as an opportunity to enhance the customer experience, doing away with the old-fashioned and slow-moving physical process in favour of a more streamlined digital process.

Now, as an award-winning team of over 50 property and technology experts, DisplaySweet have proudly cemented their position as the leaders in property presentations and showroom technology, delivering successful results for projects across the world.

DisplaySweet specialises solely in the interactive showroom and presentation experience, with a product range catering to budgets of all sizes, whilst ensuring the customer experience is enhanced and commercial results are delivered.

DisplaySweet’s product range caters for budgets of all sizes and projects of all types.

DS-Live & DS-Online App

The DS apps empower sales and leasing consultants to give customers an engaging and personalised presentation. Showcase all elements of a project intuitively, from movies to 3D plans and associated renders with real-time data and availability. DisplaySweet has two apps for different purposes; the DS-Live app acts as a standalone presentation tool, and the controller of the showroom technology whilst the DS-Online app is web-enabled, allowing consultants to effectively present remotely.

DS-TV & DS-Touch

Replacing stagnant printed collateral with a digital display, whether the DS-TV, a TV with curated content controlled by an iPad, or the DS-Touch, a seamlessly mounted touchscreen, provides the customer with a more engaging and personalised experience. Consultants filter and refine the presentation, controlling the journey and creating a powerful and enhanced process.


The use of a DS-Wall takes your showroom to the next level. Empower your customers to completely immerse themselves in the view from their new property or office, or how their finishes or fitout looks as you change the colour and materials and view large-scale 3D floor plans. Ideal for projects that demand a more premium consumer experience.

DS-Immersion Room

The DS-Immersion Room offers customers the chance to experience their property at a life-size scale. With all walls covered in an interactive projection and enhanced with fully interactive content from changing schemes to views or facades. DS-Immersion Rooms are the ultimate in showroom technology and provide customers with the most

DS-Model Lighting & DS-Masterplan

The evolution of the physical model. By connecting the DS-Live app to a traditional model’s lighting system, the display experience is far more cohesive and makes identifying amenities, areas of interest and specific properties seamless. Masterplans and maps are brought to life with animated content on screens underneath physical transparent models creating a memorable and engaging experience.

DisplaySweet’s diverse clientele include both the private and public sectors, boutique and institutional, residential, commercial and retirement property. Their clients are diverse, yet all share the common goal of enhancing the customer experience.

To find out more about how DisplaySweet can drive your sales and leasing results through their innovative technology, visit or call 1300 179 338.