A New Beginning in PropTech

June 1, 2020

Do you remember a time when a buyer would walk into a display suite of a new property development prior to interactive displays? A sales consultant would walk the buyer over to a printed flipbook and run them through a generic presentation and reference the floor plans and masterplans stuck on the wall.

Just like an old Polaroid camera, it was an effective way of presenting at the time, and nobody could have imagined that there was a more effective way to present a property that did not yet exist.

In 2014, DisplaySweet transformed how new developments were presented from a completely paper-based solution to one that allowed the sales consultant to immerse their buyer and make the sales process more emotive and real.

DisplaySweet is currently undergoing its own transformation by expanding our services to create a complete buyer engagement platform.

Prior to now, the immersive display suite technology enhanced the customer experience only within the display suite. Although it made the experience highly effective the experience was lost the moment the buyer walked out the door, being replaced with emails and PDFs. In March of this year, in response to COVID-19, we fast-tracked the release of our OpenPlans platform an intuitive online tool to allow sales consultants to present to buyers remotely, from anywhere in the world, and to let buyers experience new developments in an interactive experience at home.

What makes OpenPlans unique is our incredible real-time 3D digital building models which allow near-instant (we would argue possibly the fastest in the world) rendering. This means buyers can load high-quality buildings, masterplans and properties instantly and developers don’t face losing a buyer due to poor speed and experience.

Sales consultants now have an additional sales channel to not only reach but engage and convert their buyers outside of the display and throughout their entire journey.

Get in touch to learn more or stay tuned as we begin to further reveal the DisplaySweet product suite.

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