DisplaySweet Brings Queensland Sales to Life

April 20, 2023

The Queensland off-the-plan market is a competitive space right now.

Every marketing dollar needs to be spent wisely and you can’t fall down at the most important stage of the sale, the presentation, or all that work in attracting prospective purchasers is for nothing.

DisplaySweet, one of the world’s leading presentation app and showroom technology for new developments, has experienced amazing growth in the past 12 months in the Queensland market across apartments, house and land, townhouses and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets.

DisplaySweet’s platform empowers agents to provide engaging presentations that help developers sell and lease new developments faster, for premium prices, and look good whilst doing it!

Here are some of the projects DisplaySweet has recently helped with across Queensland.

Paradiso Place by SPG Land

Sunny Hoang Ha, Regional Sales Director at SPG Land:

We decided to use DisplaySweet to enhance our customer experience, as they provide a fully immersive experience for our potential buyers to enjoy.

We engaged DisplaySweet as a key part of our sales and marketing project team.

The team worked with us to propose how their tech can elevate the sales experience to make sure it’s engaging and drives a buyer through the sales gallery.

Once engaged on the project, the team took care of all the technical components from start to finish, making this as easy as possible for us.

They managed the build of the DS-Live App, installation of all the technology and facilitated training of our Sales Agents who use the technology.

One Earle Lane by Azure Development Group

Jessica Knight, Marketing Manager, Azure Development Group:

Our goal was to find a platform that could effectively showcase and house our luxurious apartment development, One Earle Lane.

We needed to create marketing materials that were both attractive and engaging, while also providing an immersive, interactive experience for our customers.

What stood out about DisplaySweet was their range of tools and features, in particular the 360-degree virtual tours.

This allowed us to showcase our apartments and rooftop amenity offering in a way that was much more immersive and engaging than traditional renders or videos.

Additionally, DisplaySweet’s user-friendly interface and integration with our CRM made it easy for our agents to operate and manage the sales process.

Drift by GDI Group

Donna Gallagher, Director, GDI Group Constructions:

The seamless delivery of information through DisplaySweet has empowered the sales team to effectively communicate and showcase Drift’s property features to prospective purchasers, such as the architectural design, interior finishes and spatial arrangement of the off-the-plan homes providing the client with a clear visualisation of their future home in a virtual environment.

Furthermore, this immersive technology has allowed the sales team to offer a more personalised and effective sales approach, through its seamless delivery of information, customised options and remote viewing capabilities which have all greatly enhanced the sales process.

DisplaySweet has proven to be a valuable tool within the Drift display suite helping clients to visualise and connect with their future homes.

Holm Rainbow Bay by Chapter Two

Jon Quayle, Director, Chapter Two:

Holm Rainbow Bay is a standout new development on the Gold Coast, one of the most anticipated in recent years due to its location and design. We wanted a system that allowed us to showcase everything that makes Holm so special.

Traditional e-marketing and printed collateral simply wasn’t going to cut it. Buyers expect and deserve more as part of their purchasing journey.

Our investment in a fully immersive showroom decked out in DisplaySweet’s technology has given buyers the opportunity to truly understand and embrace what Holm living is all about. Our sales team love using the DS-Live app on an iPad, meaning they can present to buyers anywhere at any time, while also having the ability to cast to the big screens in the showroom for private or large-scale presentations.

The real time updates and CRM integration simplified the sales process and removed the risks of double selling and other similar sticky situations that can occur from less detailed project marketing software, and this is not an issue with DisplaySweet.

I have no doubt that DisplaySweet has played a huge part in helping Holm Rainbow Bay become the fastest selling project on the Gold Coast in 2023.

The Rochester by MOTIV Group

Carly Cottam, Founder & CEO of MOTIV, the project marketing agency representing The Rochester:

Without physically being able to provide a walk-through of the project, and for our clients to have a clear understanding of the layout and design, we required an immersive platform that could covey the apartments in as much detail as possible.

Regular sales aids were not going to be enough, so we engaged DisplaySweet to create an immersive showroom space where buyers could visualise their future home.

We had no desire to take the stock-standard Gold Coast project marketing approach, with all our assets printed in a sales book or shown from an iPad.

Instead, we now have numerous progressive marketing solutions with DisplaySweet. Including touch screens, and TV’s, all integrated with the DisplaySweet-Live App, which integrates directly to our CRM in real time—ensuring that no apartments are doubled-up, and that pricing is always up to date.

When DisplaySweet’s platform was fully integrated in our showroom, we realised instantly how easy it was to navigate. Since engaging them, our sales agents have been able to sell easily to buyers, who can now envisage their future homes.

If you’re in Queensland and want to book a a meeting with one of the area specialists from DisplaySweet’s Brisbane office, visit here.

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