The Sales Presentation Technology Used by Australia’s Top Developers

March 30, 2022

With a client list including Mirvac, Lendlease, Meriton, Gurner, Frasers, Stockland and many other significant developer in Australia, it’s likely you’ve experienced DisplaySweet’s presentation technology firsthand if you’ve recently visited a property showroom.

Low purchaser confidence, as a result of uninspiring and clumsy presentations using printed books or sub-standard presentation software, is a major issue for all developers, says DisplaySweet.

Sales are slow or lost altogether and premium prices are not achieved. DisplaySweet is tackling this by offering the best experience for an in-person and online presentation—and it seems to be working.

Last year, four of the five most successful off-the-plan properties sold, as reported by a leading Australian financial publication, used DisplaySweet.

“I was obviously really happy when I read that,” DisplaySweet, co-chief executive John Paige said.

“We have such strong relationships with our clients that their success genuinely feels like our success.”

DisplaySweet’s presentation app allows for the presentation to be personalised to what actually matters to the purchaser.

But the experience goes even further with complimentary showroom technology, from touchscreens to interactive models, through to life-size immersive projection rooms.

 “Considering the sales journey holistically is critical,” Paige, who is also co-founder, said.

DisplaySweet was used in four of the five most successful off-the-plan sales campaigns of 2021.

“We never do tech for tech’s sake. Everything is based on what’s going to be the most effective for the specific project and budget—whether that’s a simple touchscreen or one of our more premium solutions such as our Immersion Room or Wall.”

“With the Immersion Room or Wall, you can experience all elements that are in the DisplaySweet presentation app, from movies to plans, but it's taken to another level as you experience your project in life-size, as if you are sitting in your property.

“You can change layouts and colour schemes and experience different views in incredible scale.”

Paige said much of DisplaySweet’s success was due to consultation.

“We’ve been extremely privileged to be iterating on the system for several years based on the feedback from the smartest minds in property across Australia’s best developers and project marketers,” he said.

“The one recurring theme clients report back to us, as to why we’re different to other systems, and why we are so much more effective is—that we simply get it.

“We’re property people, we understand their problems and our platform is so honed in on the details, the little things that matter and the things that are so specific to our niche that you wouldn’t even know they are important unless you live and breathe what we do each and every day.

“Regardless if it is a domestic or international client, private or public, house and land or commercial, the common goal is always to assist our clients to enhance the consumer experience and get greater sales results. If we do that, we will continue to have success.”

Delivering continual strong sales results, incredible conversion rates and client success stories spreading around the industry, DisplaySweet is quickly becoming industry standard.

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