OpenPlans by DisplaySweet

Transform your display into a multi-channel sales journey


Present remotely

Showcase sales and marketing content, including video, walkthroughs of your display, and interactive cutting-edge 3D to extend the buyer experience outside of the display suite.


Complete buyer site

Embed best practice in multichannel sales and marketing into your sales flow, and give buyers access to a VIP site to explore your project at home in their own leisure.


Buyer analytics

Track buyer behavior such as the number of property listing views to help with decision making around sales flow and marketing plans.

Transact with buyers online anywhere in the world

Reserve online

Keep closing remotely with the ability for buyers to reserve properties from home in their own time.

Multilingual & unlimited

Designed to help you sell everywhere and to everyone, the platform can be driven in multiple languages and with unlimited users

3D Virtual immersion

Immerse buyers remotely with cutting-edge real-time 3D rendering instantly onscreen for buyers to explore at home, or across boarders.

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DisplaySweet clients

Domestic and international. Private and public. Boutique and institutional. Apartment, land, house & land and townhouse developments. Residential, commercial and retirement. Our clients are diverse yet all share the common goal of enhancing the consumer experience.