Mirvac, The Eastbourne


For Mirvac’s luxury East Melbourne apartment development, a world class sales experience was required to meet the discerning needs of an experienced buyer and investor demographic. It was imperative that the look, feel, and functionality of the display resembled the quality of a luxury residence not that of a traditional sales suite. Our team worked with BatesSmart and Inscale Models to redefine the model, to create the feeling of an organic and interactive sculpture while all presentations took place in a natural setting with the agents driving presentations via the DisplaySweet App on iPads onto a TV. The display experience transformed for the launch weekend, with TVs becoming live sales boards as agents sat with buyers using the DisplaySweet App to finalising the sale of over $300M of apartments in the one weekend.

East Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Sales Flow Strategy
Presentation TV
Interactive Model Lighting


Display Interior Design by Bates Smart
Sales Technology by DisplaySweet
Renders by Floodslicer