Toga, Wicks Place


TOGA has over 55 years under their belt and are one of the most experienced property developers in Australia. Known for such award-winning developments as Harbourfront Balmain, and Bondi Boheme, their approach for Wicks Place in Merrickville is no different.

The Wicks Place display is earthy and luxurious with a touch of tech to elevate the buyer experience all the more.

We have created a custom solution for Wicks Place which entails the DisplaySweet sales app connected to five LCD display screens, and a Surface Pro, to intuitively control the interactive 3D models.

Sydney, Australia


Sales Flow Strategy
DisplaySweet App
Digital Display
Interactive Model


Architecture by Turner
Interior design by Richards Stanisich
Landscape architecture by Black Beetle
Brand & Creative by The Property Agency
Sales Technology by DisplaySweet
Renders by Binyan Studios
Model by 30 Plus