Take A Sneak Peek Inside Australia’s Best DisplaySweet – Discover AURA by Aqualand

December 1, 2021


Newly acquired client and project AURA by Aqualand is the company’s newest display suite project on the books and the calibre of the project is revolutionary. Managing Director of Aqualand, Jin Lin, says AURA is a once in a lifetime development opportunity.

“AURA by Aqualand aims to be a bold vision for our company. One which is a remarkable new residential address and an exciting addition to Sydney’s sparkling skyline”.

When it came to choosing a technology partner for the project, DisplaySweet was a natural fit – offering all of the touchpoints for an immersive client sales experience”.

“As our technology partner, DisplaySweet brings our vision to suit our reality. The software technology allows our buyers to have a genuine experience within their property”.

“DisplaySweet are a one-stop-shop and have enabled us to push the boundaries on what can be achieved in a showroom environment setting”, Mr Lin added.

Alex Adams, Head of Sales & Marketing, Aqualand, said that the project is set to launch to market on December 4th with early access for VIP clients. The showroom is conveniently located opposite the development site and construction is well underway, with the construction completion of the project, expected to be finished early 2024.

“The AURA Display Suite technology is the best in the country. There is no compromising on quality and the user experience. Agents love our new showroom, as it’s simple, useful, and impactful. It truly has exceeded the expectations of both our agents and clients alike,” Mr Adams shared.

Mr Adams added: “We’ve always wanted to work with DisplaySweet, and this project really was the opportunity for us to create a new customer journey in luxury marketing”.

“We had a vision for what we wanted our home buyers to experience and the DisplaySweet technology allowed our creative concept to truly be transparent and guide our customers on their journey and immerse them in their future environment.”

Managing Director Jin Lin, said, “With our launch across Sydney, Australia, and internationally in Hong Kong and Singapore, DisplaySweet’s DS-Online software and DS-Live will bring the AURA development to life by greatly improving the overall experience and creating a seamless journey for all. In the past we have created similar experiences independently, but DisplaySweet has proven themselves over the years, to be the leader in holistic digital experiences.”

John Paige, Co-CEO of DisplaySweet said it was an honour to be working alongside Aqualand’s Management Team and assisting with bringing the first-class AURA development to market.

“We have been fortunate to work on just shy of a 100 projects over the last year and AURA’s display suite is without a doubt, one of the best sales experiences I’ve seen,” Mr Paige shared.

Despite the challenging times of the past two years for the property development industry and the economy, both nationally and internationally, projects around the country are ramping up and the demand for these properties is high.

“COVID-19 forced our industry to evolve rapidly. Whilst we had focused on immersive in-person showroom technology, it was the pandemic that forced a fast-tracked adoption of our online presentation app. Now with the world opening back up, our clients have embraced both our online and in-person products in their sales strategies. This has resulted in a premium experience both inside and outside of the showroom. Which is great for after-appointment follow up and especially impactful for interstate and overseas sales.”

Ben Stewart, CBRE Sydney Director, said the AURA project had been extremely well-received from the market and client enquiries and lead generation was strong.

“Many buyers are looking for 2-and-3-bedrooms and are impressed with the offering. The apartments are larger than anything on offer on the Lower North Shore and boast incredible panoramic views of the iconic Sydney Harbour nearby landmarks.”

“The building’s amenity offerings are a big draw card. With a Japanese restaurant, a French bakery, a community centre for residents, a pool and gym, as well as a stunning and sophisticated sky deck which will allow residents to immerse themselves in the expansive Sydney skyline. Alongside this will be an onsite concierge team that provides a level of lifestyle service, which will be a first in Sydney.”

Founder of Aqualand and Managing Director, Jin Lin added, “We dare to set the benchmark for others to follow. It’s rare to find a property group that can provide a 360-degree lifestyle offering at the top end of the luxury market. We want to be renowned in the ultra-opulence space to offer our residents an experience they have never had before.”

DisplaySweet’s technology allows the AURA reality to come to life. The showroom features a 36sqm Immersion Room where purchasers are immersed in floor-to-ceiling projections, an impressive 8.5m wide Immersion Wall that is connected to an Interactive Model in the welcome area, which showcases the client’s residence of choice, whether that be a stylish and chic two-bedroom apartment or an opulent penthouse. A series of sleek touchscreens running the DisplaySweet presentation app with an interactive 3D model of the project complete the sales journey, providing a personalised and engaging experience.

The chic and stylish showroom, which is in a calibre of its own, boasts – is a representation of a typical four-bedroom residence. Styled by Space Furniture and Poliform, from the moment the client arrives for their appointment, they are greeted by a host – who introduces you to your specialised sales agent.

When it comes to the CBRE sales agents showcasing the project to potential clients, whether they be locals, interstate, or international buyers, DS-Live and DS-Online embrace all of the property highlights in real-time, creating an incredible, “never before experienced” reality. A taste of reality, which immerses the client into imagining what life would be like, living the life of luxury that Aura offers its soon to be North Sydney residents.

Aqualand’s Alex Adams shared, “On the opening launch weekend alone for VIPS, we had 140 groups through, and each client sat down with an agent for an average of over an hour of their time. This in the industry is typically unheard of, but AURA’s showroom provides an extremely high level of sophistication and a truly immersive experience like no other. Integrating with DisplaySweet’s technology offers another layer of assurance and allows our clients a virtual life at AURA.”

“The AURA Sydney development has exceeded our expectations on every level – from the initial project concept through to now the construction phase in full swing – the market demand across the board has been outstanding and we expect this momentum to continue.”

“Potential new residents were engaged with the app and the entire experience and technology allowed them to easily take in the information that suited their needs.”

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