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What we do


Buyer Experience Strategy

We collaborate with our clients and their stakeholders to understand their development, sales process and buyer demographic. We use our proven methodology to ensure the sales flow is effective and identify which of our services will best enhance the buyer experience and where to position them for maximum impact.


Creative Execution

Based on our expertise from successfully delivering and analysing hundreds of developments, we customize all sales and marketing collateral into our apps and showroom technology to create the perfect sales presentation. The option to add unique content including interactive 3D plans and animated masterplan models allows the client to further enhance the buyer experience.


Project Services

We provide end-to-end management services from scoping and documentation through to hardware acquisition, installation and support. Our scale allows us to offer our clients the best quality and price for audiovisual equipment and our alliances with the best installation companies around the globe ensures we can always deliver a world-class display suite experience wherever it be located.


Client Care

Our services don’t stop on launch day. We understand that updates need to be completed quickly and our support team’s unrivalled response time is a necessity, not a luxury, as sales depend on it. We have earned our reputation for our fast turnaround and response times and helping a project through to the very end.


We offer two apps, DS-Online for presenting remotely and DS-Live for presenting in the showroom. Both apps empower sales consultants to provide buyers with an engaging and personalised presentation proven to increase the conversion rate. Showcase all elements of a project, from movies to 3D plans and associated renders with real-time data and availability. The DS-Live app acts as a standalone presentation tool and the controller of the showroom technology. Our DS-Online app is web-enabled, allowing sales consultants to present and sell remotely.

TVs and Touchscreens

Replacing stagnant printed collateral with a digital display whether that’s a TV controlled by an iPad or a seamlessly mounted touchscreen, provides the buyer with a more engaging and personalised experience. Sales consultants filter and refine the presentation, guiding the buyer on the sales journey creating a long-lasting, positive customer experience and enhanced sales process.

Immersion Wall

With the use of an Immersion Wall, you will take your display suite to the next level. Offer your buyers the ability to completely immerse themselves in the view from their new property, how their kitchen look as you change the colour and materials & view large scale 3D floor plans. Ideal for projects that demand a more premium consumer experience.

Immersion Room

Immersion Rooms offer the buyer the chance to experience their property in life-size scale. From a classic cinema style to a room with all walls covered in an interactive projection or a floor plan projected onto a floor at a 1:1 scale, enhanced with fully interactive content from changing schemes to views or facades. Immersion Rooms take your project to a new level and provide buyers with the most immersive and emotional connection to their property

Interactive Model

The evolution of the physical model. By connecting the DS-Live app to a traditional model’s lighting system the display experience is far more cohesive and makes identifying amenities and specific properties seamless. Masterplans are brought to life with animated content on screens underneath physical transparent models creating a memorable and engaging experience.

3D Buildings & Floor Plans

Our interactive 3D virtual models are cutting-edge, fast, and allow real-estate agents to present buildings in 360 degrees 3D, exploring buildings, exteriors, and floor plans. Buyers will get to understand and appreciate the space and layout, and the available options in an immersive and impressionable way.

Our Clients

Domestic and international. Private and public. Boutique and institutional. Apartment, land, house & land and townhouse developments. Residential, commercial and retirement. Our clients are diverse yet all share the common goal of enhancing the consumer experience.

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