Q&A With Sebastian Mrugalski from Sebastian Photography

April 21, 2023

Project marketing in Australia requires the very best assets to convey the emotion and aspirational nature of the apartments for sale. DisplaySweet has built close ties with some of Australia’s most respected and celebrated property agencies, suppliers, developers and more.

One of these is Sebastian Photography, a truly unique architectural and interior photographer with over 10 years of experience. We sat down with its  Owner Sebastian Mrugalski, who shared with us his insights into the proptech and architectural visualisation industries.

Tell us a little about your company and what they do?

I’m an architectural and interior photographer based in Sydney. I love what I do, and my style of photography combines clean symmetry with lifestyle elements. I always try to include a human element in my images because I believe it’s essential to ground architectural and interior photography in reality and to make the spaces I shoot feel lived in.

These days, my focus is on capturing interior design, and I feel that my work aligns perfectly with DisplaySweet. I enjoy highlighting how their technology integrates into the design, and my photography showcases this aspect effectively.

How would you describe your underlying philosophy?

When I approach a project, I always look at it and think about how the space feels as opposed to just how it looks. I think that approach allows me to be more creative with how I photograph a space. Collaboration between myself, the client and often the interior designer or architect is also really important to me because at the end of the day, I always want the way they interpret the space to align with the photography in some way.

The client has spent months or years working on a project and usually the images are the final piece of the puzzle. l think it’s important to keep that in mind when tackling each shoot as every project is unique and I want all my clients to come away with images they love.

What trends are you noticing at the moment in the property or technology industries?

It’s been going on now for quite some time, but I see a massive shift to video and 3D renderings. AI prompt generated content will also be a massive thing and I think the ability to scale that content is only going to become easier. To think you could just upload a floor plan and ask the AI to render an image or video in the near future is mind-blowing.

With all that in mind, I do believe photography still has a place in the future as clients will still want to capture a case study or example of their work fully realised and grounded in reality.

What’s the most important part of an off-the-plan sales campaign to you?

You really want people to imagine themselves living in what you’re selling. That can be hard to do with only the renders and floorplans. This is why utilising technology and unique interactive experiences within the display suite that allow people to imagine what the project will look like are so powerful.

DisplaySweet and Sebastian Photography are collaborating on some stunning projects like AURA by Aqualand, The Bryson by Goldfields Group and Cobbitty by Mirvac. Why are our businesses so well matched?

I love shooting interiors and they love working with some of the best developers and architects. Seeing what they do and how their work is integrated into the interior design allows me to really utilise my years of experience to create some beautiful images.

For them, it gives their clients an opportunity to see how the technology is used through the many case studies I’ve shot for them.

At the end of a project, what does success look like?

Beautiful images that have a lot of reach and a happy client.

Why is using sales technology important to the success of your project?

As a freelancer, I use cloud-based applications all the time that help me connect with more potential clients and manage projects from pre-production to photo delivery. Throughout each step, I prioritise giving clients the opportunity to see how their photos will turn out. This is where using the latest technology comes in handy.

The ultimate goal is to create a visual and emotional connection between the client and the desired outcome, and any technology that can help achieve this is valuable.

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