Q&A With Peter Rogers from Porter Models

With a reputation for outstanding model making, we sat down with Peter Rogers (Director at Porter Models) to learn more about their unique approach.

December 7, 2022

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For each project marketing campaign, a well-designed and impressive showroom is needed to back it. DisplaySweet has built close ties with some of Australia’s most respected and celebrated property companies and suppliers, who have created some of the country’s most successful marketing campaigns.

One of these is Porter Models, who’ve been creating high quality architectural models since 1973. Most recently, they’ve worked on AURA by Aqualand, Quay Quarter Tower by AMP, 33 Alfred by AMP, 180 George (Salesforce Tower) by Lendlease and One Barangaroo by Crown Resorts.

Having worked with world leaders in the architectural, property development and film industries, Porter Models have developed a reputation nationally and internationally for providing models of the highest quality, on time and within budget.

With a reputation for outstanding model making in the commercial and residential space, we sat down with Peter Rogers, Director at Porter Models to learn more about their unique approach.

Tell us a little about your company and what they do?

Porter Models are the oldest established model making company in Sydney and I believe Australia. Next year, we’ll be celebrating our 50th year in business, and the company was created when we were working on design models for the Sydney Opera House.We mostly focus on architectural models, but we also offer prototypes, 3D printing services, design competition models, and even motion picture films props and sets.Porter Models focus is on the premium end of the property market, and we have the capacity to work on large and/or complex models and installations across Australia. We pride our team on innovation and presentation options for our clients.

How would you describe your underlying philosophy?

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, as is service, and a quality product. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet client’s expectations.

What trends are you noticing at the moment in the property or technology industries?

The digital sales experience is something we’re definitely seeing more of. We have clients that have gone away from traditional physical models, and I believe all have come back to include physical models with the addition of an integrated digital experience.

What’s the most important part of an off-the-plan sales campaign to you?

Interactive or static marketing models as part of that sales experience.

DisplaySweet and Porter Models are collaborating on some stunning projects. Why are our businesses so well matched?

Understanding of the end product for the client and both our businesses having an understanding of the systems makes us particularly well matched. We also both understand the presentation of spreadsheets and price lists with model lighting and how important this is to our clients. The flexibility of the physical lighting systems and how we integrate these into the physical models for the best outcomes comes from our combined experience.There’s a combined ambition to deliver architectural models to the highest standard. DisplaySweet and Porter Models both design and engineer all products in-house, and manage that process from the beginning right through to model installation, so we understand any irregularities and focus on a quick resolution for our clients. We also test all our systems for two weeks prior to installation for any systems errors and rectify those prior to installation.

At the end of a project, what does success look like?

Delivering a model that exceeds our clients’ expectations in the time required, with a system that may be extremely complicated, yet operates seamlessly and simply.

Why is using sales technology important to the success of your project?

Accommodating the client’s expectations to present a sales experience that is new, exciting and different to their competitors.Personally, I’ve worked in many large model studios prior to Porter Models to learn my craft in the United Kingdom, USA, Hong Kong and Europe for 9 years, and I still strongly believe we can provide models and sales experiences that can rival all the international companies.I also think that the showroom environment, when done correctly with an interactive model, helps to make the project come alive and streamlines the sales process for agents, and the sales journey for buyers.

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