Q&A with Adam Sparkes, Associate Director at McGrath Projects

Every beautifully conceived showroom deserves an equally well-conceived project marketing and sales campaign. Accordingly, DisplaySweet has built close ties with some of Australia’s most respected and celebrated property agencies. One of these is McGrath Projects, who have recently launched Grand Reve, a curated collection of luxury apartments nestled in a peaceful, tree-lined cul-de-sac in the heart of Castle Hill.

This breathtaking development is where urban vitality meets neighbourhood serenity, developed by Kassis Homes, a reputable name throughout the Hills District that has proven their ability to establish quality properties time and time again.

With a reputation for excellence in the high-end residential space, we recently caught up with Adam Sparkes, Associate Director at McGrath Projects, to learn more about their quality-first approach.

1. Tell us a little about your company and what they do?

McGrath Projects is a specialist division within the McGrath Estate Agency Group with a focus on the sales and marketing of brand new and off-the-plan developments. McGrath Projects spans the entire East Coast of Australia from Geelong in Victoria, a strong presence in Sydney up to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Our Associate Directors’ represent property developers in the entire sales campaign – from acquisition and early inception through to delivery at completion.

2. How would you describe your underlying philosophy?

Selling off-the-plan requires a unique skill set. It’s our job to understand every element of the entire process from construction methodology to materials used to the surrounding amenity to name a few. We seek to understand our potential purchaser’s ideal requirements, then provide the best-suited options to match their needs. An experienced Sales Executive needs to demonstrate transparency and integrity as part of the process.

3. What trends are you noticing at the moment in the property or technology industries?

Digital assets that are easy to use and provide a comprehensive overview of the vision of a development and are crucial. Gone are the days we meet potential purchasers at a site and roll a set of large architectural plans over the bonnet of the car to help explain the development. Digital technology has evolved significantly in recent years. We are now seeing extremely sophisticated options come into play that have the ability to explain every imaginable element of the development. From touch screens to iPads linking with large format screens to conduct an intimate private appointment through to large-scale audiences, DisplaySweet is considered one of the leaders of proptech in Australia – and for good reason.

4. What’s the most important part of an off-the-plan sales campaign to you?

For developments of circa 40+ dwellings, an actual display and marketing suite is a crucial element to showcase the design intent and specific attributes of a given development. As is having the best creative and marketing materials to explain clearly the vision for the ‘as completed’ scheme.

5. DisplaySweet and McGrath Projects are collaborating on some stunning projects. Why are our businesses so well matched?

DisplaySweet are considered trailblazers for making the life of the sales agency as simple as possible. McGrath Projects have seen first-hand the benefit of our collaboration, from the use of large-scale Immersion Rooms and Touch Screens to simple DS-Online iPad apps that allow the team to explain all elements of the development.

6. At the end of a project, what does success look like?

Keeping our purchasers informed after contracts have exchanged all the way through the building process to the move-in date is part of our role. Success for me is seeing our client’s joy at the handover of their newly completed property.

7. Why is using sales technology important to the success of your project?

Having a leap of faith by purchasing a property early off-the-plan has a perception of risk. One of the biggest hurdles buyers face is the inability to see the completed product as a living, breathing community. However, if the Sales Executive has the right tools to explain every minute detail of the development intimately, potential purchasers will be able to make an informed decision.

A decision with facts that will give them enough comfort and confidence to make a buying decision. Well-designed and comprehensive digital elements can easily be demonstrated with the limitless technology that is now available. As this space is constantly evolving, we expect to see new cutting-edge ideas in the not-too-distant future. Having the best technology available will continue to play an utmost important role in the overall sales journey.

Check out McGrath Projects at: https://www.mcgrath.com.au/new-developments