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Enhance the buyer experience with the leading way to present off-plan property

DisplaySweet is a complete buyer engagement platform that is proven to enhance the consumer experience and increase conversion rates. Immerse your buyers in-display with premium presentation solutions from touchscreens through to fully immersive rooms, while providing remote presentations and access to interactive 3D models and a complete buyer site at home.

Complete off-plan buyer engagement platform


Buyer Experience Strategy

We use our proven methodology and a collaborative approach in understanding your project goals to design and deliver the most effective and result-driven sales flow.


Creative Execution

We expertly customise your collateral as well as create cutting-edge content unique to DisplaySweet such as interactive 3D and animated masterplan models for the ultimate buyer experience.


Project Services

We are able to offer our clients the best quality and price for audiovisual equipment and our alliances mean we can deliver a world-class display suite experience anywhere in the world.


Client Care

We have earned our reputation for our fast turnaround and response times throughout the project’s life, and offer our clients real-time access to sales and buyer insights.

Our clients

Domestic and international. Private and public. Boutique and institutional. Apartment, land, house & land and townhouse developments. Residential, commercial and retirement. Our clients are diverse yet all share the common goal of enhancing the consumer experience.